Who We Are

Trinity Lutheran Church, celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2019 is one of the oldest congregations in the region. Ministry, over so great a span of time, has carefully shaped and formed the congregation that we are today…

Gospel Focused

Throughout the Scriptures we find the Good News of Christ proclaimed to our weary and broken world. In the life, death and resurrection of Christ we find the hope of the world and we encounter a God who is unlike any other. He created us in love, He sustains us in each and every day, He gave His life for ours, and He continues to give of Himself so that we might have life and have it abundantly. This is better news than anything else, anywhere, ever. And we will not let a single week go by where we have not taken the time to share the works, hopes, and promises given to us by our God.

Sacramentally Centered

It is in the Sacraments that we encounter our God in this world. In Baptism we have His promise spoken directly to us, in Absolution we hear His gentle forgiveness shared with us, and in the Eucharist we receive His very flesh and blood into ourselves. We are a people who gather around the Sacraments because they are the places where we mysteriously and yet tangibly meet our God in this world.

Confessionally Lutheran

We are a Lutheran Church and subscribe to the teachings of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession. The 16th century Reformers performed a necessary and faithful service in urging the Church back to the core of its purpose and understanding. We heed their guidance and lean on their teachings as we navigate this faith and life.

Traditionally Grounded

The Christian Faith is much older and bigger than just us. We seek to understand ourselves and our ministries as being a part of a much larger whole. As such, we regularly look to Christians of the past for guidance and direction in the challenges of our day. Often, our predecessors in the Faith have faced similar struggles in different packaging. In learning from their thoughts and actions, we find ourselves better equipped for the tasks of our day and more in line with the faith of the Universal Church.

Service Oriented

In the Scriptures we hear of how helpless we are. And in the same breath, we also hear of how God has given His life so that we might have salvation. When we are helpless God cares for us. In our joy and gratitude, we cannot help but want to care for others. At Trinity, our eye is always on the lookout for a neighbor in need and our efforts are always focused on caring for others in ways that are faithful, kind, and effective. We cannot love our God without loving our neighbors whom He also loves.